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A Night In The Rain Essay Example

There he stood, in amazement, gazing at, what a few moments ago, had been his ticket to freedom. Then flash, in the blink of an eye, the world was turned upside down. When I finally got myself together I was laying about 20 feet from the wreckage. I stood up and in front of me lay tons of graceful carnage strung across the field like a satin sheet after a restless night. Fire was everywhere illuminating the night with its delicate destruction. I could see through its glow about four or five train cars flung off of the tracks in such a matter that to the unknowing it would have looked like they had been placed for a special scene. Yet this was not the case for the victims of its random wrath. Scraps of tin and other metals of various makes had been coated to the surrounding forest. The night had been long and full of happiness. The concierge party had been attended by all of the of the most refined and had been an event of memorable proportions; however, compared next to the scene of silence with which I was now being forced to open up to it was just a ripple in an infinite pond. The sounds of the night had even been silenced. Not a chirp, a howl, nor any voices of and recognizable strength emanated for the attending darkness. I sat there in amazement for what seemed to be an eternity gazing at the beautiful bloodshed. Then out of the depth, darkness and despair that had so totally consumed me, there was the sound of a lone being. A howl that seemed to illuminate my soul with the hope of continuation. I turned and looked only to see a scene that I had only imagined lived in the fairy tales, and movies of our imagination. A lone white wolf perched on a cliff with only the stars behind him and the fire behind me shining upon his gracefulness. Then in an instant the flashback of it all slapped me. I don’t really understand what totally happened. All that I could pull up into my conscientiousness was a few sparks and then nothing. My only guess at that moment was that something had either been placed on or had fallen onto the tracks and derailed us. But as I stood there and watched the earth burn with agony, I found it terrible hard to imagine that something as small as that could cause something that will cause so much pain, misery, and hatred.