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Animal Farm -by George Orwell One of my favorite Novels is Animal Farm Essay Example

Animal Farm-by George Orwell One of my favorite Novels is Animal Farm. In this story the manor farm is ran by Mr. Jones, a cruel and drunken farmer. One day, the animals gather at a meeting to listen to old major makes a speech, calling for animals to rise up against their farmers. The animals are very keen about the idea. Old major dies a few days later. The pigs, who are the most intelligent animals, begin planning a rebellion. They are led by snowball and Napoleon. About three months later, the animals revolt against Mr. Jones and take over the farm, they change its name to “Animals Farm”. They write seven commandments, with the most important being “All animals are equal”. Four legs good, two legs bad” becomes a popular chant for the sheep. Mr. Jones and his friends attack the farm to try to take it back, but in the “Battle of the cowshed” the animals drive them away. Mr. Jones flees and never returns. Snowball and Napoleon fall out with cash other, as they have different ideas for how animals farm should be led. Snowball announces. Plans to build a windmill, but Napoleon disagrees. Napoleon trains nine puppies, who grow into vicious dogs who will serve him. when the dogs are fully grown, the uses them to chase snowball off the farm. He takes control and rules the farm by dogs to kill any animals that does not everything is tine and they should support Napoleon. Napoleon changes his mind and decides to build a windmill, pretending that it was his idea all along. The first windmill they built collapse Napoleon blames this and other problems no snowball. He claims that snowball is sneaking around animals farm ruining everything. Many animals are killed for “being in contact with snowball .Napoleon starts working with human beings outside, even though this used to be forbidden. One of them is their neighbor farmer called Mr. Frederick. He beings in a group of men who invade the farm and destroy the second windmill. Through this A. F Novel we can learn about the ancient Russian politics A. F is an allegory. The way the author tells the Story is awesome. .