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Arabs in America Essay Example

Arab American is a long and proud history. Arab Americans have made significant contributions to society. They are doctors, lawyers, and educators to name just a few. What Ill be discussing will be not only their contributions to society, but their To start off, Arab Americans have been assimilated into the American culture and society over the past hundred plus years. During this time there has been general loss of their historical culture. As generations continue to thrive, it was noticed that Arab Americans was losing touch with their past. An idea was formed ten years ago to create a cultural center where Arab Americans could go to study their heritage. These studies would include language and many other aspects of the Arab culture. The hardest part of this venture would be Through years of fundraising, lobbying on capital hill and donations, the Arab American cultural center will become a reality in Houston Texas. When the cultural center opens in 2001, it will be the culmination of many hard years of work and sacrifice to give Arab Americans a way to reflect on their past, present and future. Arab Americans have been stereotyped for many, many years and are still undergoing the same treatment. In movies they are depicted as terrorists. In society as a whole they are seen as cab drivers and convenience store clerks (7-eleven). While Arab Americans do occupy some of these positions, so do whites and blacks. It is unfair to depict them in such an negative aspect because their contributions are much greater to society as a whole. Another stereotype is linking all Arab Americans to terrorist activities. Only .1% of Arab Americans has been linked with their counterparts in Southeast Asia. This is yet another typical yet unfair stereotype. Arab Americans are also thought of as being a large population in the prison system. This is the worst stereotype of them all. Arab Americans make up only 2 percent of the overall prison population in the United States. I think this could stem from the older generation of Arab Americans pasting down their customs of what was done to thieves in their homeland. In Southeast Asia you can lose a hand for thievery.

The Arab Americans practice one religion. The name of the religion is Muslim. Their bible is called the Torah and their god is Allah and he is their salvation. Every year the Muslims practice a tradition called Ramadan where they fast during the day light hours for two weeks. When its over, they have a celebratory feast. In their lifetime, every Muslim would like to take the journey to the Holy Land. By the way, Muslims do not eat pork. They view the pig as an unholy and Arab Americans have been discriminated on for many years. It has been stated that until the media takes a stance to support the Arab Americans and their quest for equality in the United States, the Arab Americans will have to work twice as hard to be noticed and obtain Bibliography: