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Australia Australia is an island continent and is located southeast of Asia. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia is made up of six states . The climate in Australia varies greatly: a hot season, wet season with rains falling mainly in February and March. During which north western has warm and dry season.

Australians mineral resources are notably bauxite, coal, gold, iron, ore, and petroleum. The most popular and native mammals in Australia are marsupials. The best known marsupials in Australia is a kangaroo which include fifty species. In Australia forty-three percent of surface consists of desert and sandy plains. Most of the population of Australia is of European descent.

Before the world war II the population was entirely of British origin, but since then more than two million Europeans from the continent have migrated to Australia. English is the official language of Australia. The total population of Australia is 17, 827, 204. The capital of Australia is Sidney . The Religion of Australia is largergerly Protestants , 26 percent of Australians are Catholics , and there are smaller like East Orthodox, Muslim , Buddhist , and Jewish population . The education begins at the age of six and the upper limit is to sixteen .

Australia has more than ten thousand primary and secondary schools. In the early 1990s Australian had thirty-nine universities . The way of life in Australia reflects the heritage of British settlers . Australia has many interesting sites like beaches, mountains, deserts , museums, art , music , Film and many other sites . The oldest music of Australia is Aborigines.

That music plays accentual role in both social and sacred life. During social gatherings called corroborees , singing and dancing provide the major form of entertainment. Australia is an outstanding producer of primary products . The major exporter are wheat ,meat , dairy products and wool . Australia usually produces twenty-five percent of world’s yearly wool. Mining became the leading factor of mining in Australia . The county continues to be dependent on livestock raising and crop farming.

Manufacturing began after world war II. Most manufacturing facilities are at Sidney. The production is mostly iron, steel ,aircraft’s, construction equipment ,synthetic fibers , electronic equipment , power cables , and petroleum .Sydney was founded by CaptainArthur Philip in 1787. Sydney is going to become a popular city because of the Olympics . They are building new building and stadiums .If you like scuba diving you can go to the Great Barrier reef where you can see fishes and see coral reefs. If you are wanting to go to Australia you should go to the outback or go to the world’s most famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge.