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Computers toys not tools

Due to the advances in recent computer technologies, computers are now sold with state-of-the-art, costly equipment that most people do not need. Most computers on the market these days are built to attract the eye of the consumer. They come loaded with hi-tech hardware and catchy tag words like mega RAM, quad-speed drives and digital processing, but the fact is, the computer has been exploited to the American public to attract a broader base of consumers and to change the way we view computers from tools to toys. The modern age has brought countless advances and the most sophisticated technologies the world has ever seen. Over the years, we have all marveled at the exciting developments in the fields of science and electronics. In the beginning, computers stored memory on reels of magnetic film, and the average size of a computer was as big enough to fill a whole room. Gradually, computers were built smaller and faster; however, computers were strictly used for business purposes, and only trained technicians were allowed to operate them. In this day and age, operating computers has become a daily exercise for the majority of the population.

Computers are everywhere, and the demand for them is greater now than it ever has been. Today it seems that everyone wants their own compact super machine, not because it will process thousands of bytes worth of information in a blink of an eye, but because it comes in tangerine. Due to the strategic planning of many corporations that would like to see their products in your living room the consumer has been tricked into believing that the average user would need such a powerful machine; furthermore, the costly hardware these machines contain serve little or no purpose for the novice user; nevertheless, computer industries keep producing these machines with all these gadgets in order to satisfy consumers notion that they must have the fastest hi-tech toy on the market, and theyll pay whatever cost to get it.