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Cosmology and astronomy The study of universe is called cosmology Essay Example

The study of universe is called cosmology. Our universe has compressed of many beautiful things. Many scientists have been till now researching on universe. In 16 century, polish scientists nicolaus copernicus discovered the orbits. In recent decades, cosmologists stephen hawking determined that the universe itself is not infinite but has a definite size. Cosmological mission and instruments In november 1989,NASA’s cosmic background explore (COME) took precise measurements of radiation across the sky. The mission operated until 1993.

Attjough NASA’s hubble space telescope is probably best known for its astounding images, a primary mission was cosmological. By more accurately measuring the distances to cepheid variables, stars with a well-defined ratio between their brightness to refine measurements regarding how the universe is expanding. Since it’s launch to make cosmological measurements and refine existing ones.

Thanks to hubble. “if you put in a box all the ways that darj energy might differ from the cosmological constant, that box would now be three times smaller”, cosmologists adam riess of the space telescope science institute said in a statement. “that’s progress, but we still have a long way to go to pin down the nature of dark energy “.

NASA’s wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe was a spacecraft that operated from 2001 to 2010. WMAPmapped tiny fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background, the ancient light from the early universe, and determined that ordinary atoms make up only 4.6 percent of the universe, while dark matter up 24 percent.

“Lingering doubts about the existence of dark energy and the composition of the universe dissolve when the WMAP satellite took the most detailed picture ever of the cosmic microwave background, “said cosmologists charles seife in the journal science.

The european space agency’s planks space mission ran from 2009 to 2013 and continued the study of the cosmic microwave background.

The ESA is currently developing the euclid mission, which should fly by the end matter and distribution and evolution through the universe.

“At the heart of the mission is one od of the billion pound questions of physics “, the ESA’s David parker said in a statement