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Customer Relationship Management Essay Example

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may be a strategy employed in businesses to extend the extent of profit by satisfying customers and maintaining loyalty. As there’s AN increasing competition these days to survive in a very in business world, several companies square measure adjusting to challenges towards implementing CRM practices. because of a couple of analysis of CRM in context of building business, it absolutely was determined to judge to what extent CRM is flourishing in numerous companies by suggests that of targeting workers within the implementation of practices. CRM practices are thought-about to be a vital component within the competitive business setting among hotels to enhance their performance. According to previous researches, it’s been found that hotels usually don’t take potential benefits of CRM. It has been conjointly known that an absence of internal strategy may be a failure during which most hotels square measure unable to learn the CRM success. Therefore, they struggle to succeed throughout the implementation. As such, the aim of this study was to assess CRM and analyse the most success factors in building business in Mauritius whereby a building within the east was chosen for analysis. In relevancy the aim and objectives set, the abstract framework was developed and any developed in hypotheses to be analysed. so as to take care of each primary and secondary supply of knowledge, AN approach of mixed ways comprising quantitative and qualitative analysis were wont to verify the relationships variables. the information was collected from workers employing a straightforward sampling through questionnaires (n=220) and interviews (n=22) among the workers within the chosen building out of a sample size (n=250) meant. The analysis resulted in decisive the crucial role in CRM practices and discovered that it absolutely was necessary to speculate in technology however nonetheless, it’s not ample to attain positive leads to CRM. The study suggested that to own additional positive results, building managers ought to place stress on effective leadership, constant motivation to their workers and interact them in strategy. it’s been conjointly found that client focus is a vital and crucial issue to succeed in CRM because it desires personal attention and personalised conduct.