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Euthanasia Should Be Abolished Essay Example

Euthanasia is the painless, intentional death of a person who is suffering. Euthanasia is wrong because it alters our natural way of survival, and upsets religous beliefs. By using euthanasia, miraculous recoveries have been prevented. People think that the easy way out of their problems is by conducting euthanasia. It is not a natural thing to commit suicide, and suffering is no excuse for death.

Suffering is a part of nature, and we should not try to fix and polish it by means of death. By reason alone, euthanasia sets us against our nature. Anyone who believes in God, and takes his own life, is acting against God. This person would violate the eighth commandment, thou shalt not kill. Life is sacred.

God, and only God, decides when a person is going to die. There is always the possibility of a miracle to occur. By performing Euthanasia, that is leaving no room for the miraculous recoveries that frequently occur. My little brother was born with the left ventricle of his heart missing. In order to try to resolve this problem, he had to go through three operations within his first 3 years of life. The chances of him living through his first operation were next to nothing, but his family didnt give up hope.

He is seven years old now and is active, normal, and doing great. The doctors told us that some children like my brother were killed because they were thought to be a hopeless life. In those cases, the child was not given a chance for a miracle like my brothers to happen. Knowing we can take our life at any time might incline us to give up too easily. The will to live is strong in all of us, but can be weakened by pain, by suffering, and by feelings of hopelessness.

We never have a chance to reconsider our lives. We cant allow ourselves to give in to the tempation. One today is worth two tomorrows. Euthanasia is wrong because it violates the nature and dignity of human beings. Suffering is a terrible thing, and we have a duty to comfort those in need, and to ease their suffering when we can.

But suffering is also a part of nature and life, and it should not be altered by euthanasia. Euthanasia is not just an easeful death, but a wrongful death. Euthanasia is not just dying, but killing. Euthanasia is unethical.