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Failed relashingshpis Essay Example

We live our lives waiting for who we think is the perfect person, but in reality that never happens. When we hear the word relationship, we think of a man and a woman. Being in a relationship is more than just being intimate. There are different kinds of relationship such as husbands and wives, parent and child, or just friend to friend. Some people say it takes two people to make a relationship fail. When two people meet, they usually know from the begining if they want to be with that person or if they want to pursue a relationship.

When a relationship fails, it is because one or both parties involved gives up. Giving up on a relationship is always hard because it means someone’s feelings are going to be hurt. Relationships can be long or short term, when a man and a woman are involved, and the relationship turns bad there could be many thing that transpire. There could be financial barriers that get in the way of a couples relationship. Many couples believe they can survive on love until financial barriers becomes a problem. Not having enough money to pay the bills when they are due. If one person in the relationship may be contributing more than the other person, the person contributing may become strained and start to think their partner is a financial burden.

Cheating is another reason why relationships fail, sometimes when couples are together for a while they can become bored with one another, that is usually when they start to spend less time with their partners. Sometimes some thing as little as harmless flirting can turn into cheating. Some people cheat with the hope of never being caught. Another reason why relationships fail are because of children, some people having children will help in reality it only makes worse. On the other hand, if a person may bring their child or children into the relationship, and the child and the other partner does not get along that usually cause a big problem.

Communication is the number one key to a good relationship. When there is no communication between both parties involved in the relationship, that is when the relationship fails whether it is a man and a woman, or a child trying to divorce his/her parents or friends cutting their ties forever.

When couples realize their relationship is starting to fail, they will try different things such as marriage counseling. That is when the couple will sit down with a therapist and they will try to work their problems out. Sometimes therapy can help the couples work their issues out and get to the root of their problems. Another solution is a vacation or a second honeymoon where they can reconcile or rekindle the relationship that they use to have. Or even as far as moving away to get a new start on life, to try to get away from the old way of how things use to be and try to start a new life together again.

In a relationship, we have to know what we can, and cannot live without. Being in a relationship means nothing, no one is perfect and in a relationship, there are going to be some problems. In addition, to remember that what ever happens in the dark always comes back to the light.