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Focus on the precautionary principal

Focus on the Precautionary Principle The article discusses the negative connotations of the PP is having on the world. Julian Morris argues that the PP is having a perverse effect on modern day issues such as global warming. Morris continues by stating that the increase in global temperature cannot be directly linked to humans. Many environmentalists would disagree. At one point in the article, the author contradicts himself by stating that human-induced climate change could actually be beneficial’. Though very bias, Morris does bring up relevant arguments. In the case of developing nations, should their development be hindered by the PP, the answer is in finding alternatives to carbon-based development, this has recently been done is several nations were regrowth forest, those specifically grown to be used as timber are replacing the once prominent slash and burn agriculture. This means that sustainable development and growth is possible with environmental protection in developing nations. We see that the PP here is important in protecting the future. In the case of GM foods, the PP is put in place, as we do not know the long-term affect GM food may have on the human body or for that matter on the environment. We have seen cases of certain species becoming rare near GM crops. In terms of the perverse use of the PP, further decision-making may have to be undertaken to ensure no rash decisions are taken. As Harding states: “there remains an important challenge to maintain a precautionary approach to decisions involving the environment, whilst simultaneously designing processes which will provide more predictable outcomes than at present.”