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Hitler Essay Example

Hitler He stands motionless with crossed arms and resting eyes focused straight ahead. He is completely immobile, expressionless, and says absolutely nothing. Surrounded by some fifteen thousand audience members filing into the great auditorium to hear this man speak, the presence he commands brings order to the environment almost immediately. There is little doubt that Adolf Hitler projected a commanding presence. The aforementioned was merely a description of events which took place prior to one of his famous speeches during the pre-war Nazi years, when his party was only coming into power and Adolf Hitler, as a personality, was making his presence known on the scene.

This historical backdrop of Germany in the 1930’s reveals a country knee-deep in economic depression, and as would well be expected, the climate was ripe for a new leader. Adolf Hitler made his presence known in the form of a Messiah rather than a political leader, offering his countrymen not only economic but political salvation as well as the kind of cultural magnificence which he truly believed in, i.e. the Aryan race. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, the son of Alois, a customs official, and Klara Hitler. He was not a successful student, and his earlier years are said to have been characterized by melancholy, aimlessness and racial hatred.

It was in Vienna where he developed what is considered to be a life-long obsession with the danger that the world Jewery posed to the Aryan race. It was after Hitler relocated to Munich in 1913 and served in the Bavarian 16th Regiment that he distinguished himself for bravery and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. It was during this time that Hitler had found a home and glorified the raw majesty of life under fire, the beauty of comradeship and the nobility of the warrior. His soldierly dreams of victory and fulfillment were shattered, however, by Germany’s defeat. He became convinced that Germany had been stabbed in the back by Jews and Marxists.1 Oratory and the printed word were much a part of Adolf Hitler’s rise to save the fatherland.

It is my personal view that Hitler acquired his oratory skills and acuity through his earlier experiences.