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Hitler rose to power via joining a political group which later became known as the nazi party Essay Example

Hitler rose to power via joining a political group which later became known as the nazi party. But how did he do it well it all starts and goes back to the first world war in which he served and fought for his country he was blinded and had lots of multiple traumatic experiences. He was awarded two iron crosses for his valiant efforts in the war.After both losing the war and also being told that they must take full efforts and blame for the actions that happened hitler was infuriated and didn’t want to have to deal with this. So? What did hitler do well Hitler became popular in a range of various different ways and clever techniques. A few of these powerful methods were the way he spoke and how he delivers inspiring speeches, propaganda to the people of Germany and telling them that the jews had taken away everything from them and that there the main issue. He also became very popular with the people for doing these types of things he also used many methods of getting interactive with the kids of germany so that he was able to be seen as a man who cared for the youth so that he could gain power Some of the main ways hitler gained popularity were the uses of his propaganda delivering inspiring speeches and he even opened a youth center to attract kids and also so that parent of the children would be more inspired. Another way he managed to gain reputation was by targeting the youth/kids by opening up clubs which proved very enjoyable activities for young people at the time this was meant to target both boys and girls because he believed or wanted people to believe that children were the key to germany. Another way he was able to control and contain the people and how he gained popularity was using a felling sense of worry and terror. In Germany you were expected to respect Hitler as a very good dictator. There were very strict punishments if you did not. There were spies everywhere listening out to the odd conversation. One negative comment about Hitler’s ruling and without warning they would definitely report you to the Gestapo and what’s the gestapo well its hitler secret police. It was said that once you were taken by the gestapo you never came to see the light of day again.