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I am going to talk about the countries that were involved in the Holocaust Essay Example

I am going to talk about the countries that were involved in the Holocaust. How did the Holocaust affect the modern economy today? First, let’s look at why the countries got involved. Then we’ll look at how they were affected. And lastly, we will look at the countries that weren’t involved, and why.Germany started part of the war on September 1, 1939. Italy teamed up with Germany and invaded France on June 10, 1940. Japan joined in 1937 and signed a contract with Germany and Italy, then they became the Axis Powers. The Allied Powers were England, America, France, and Russia. England joined on September 3, 1939, because Germany invaded France and Poland through Belgium. Japan bombed the U.S. at the naval base called Pearl Harbor. The U.S. joined the Allied Powers on December 7, 1941 because of the attack. Russia signed a contract with Germany, but later joined the Allied Powers on June 22,1941. Today, there is no danger in Germany for the Jews. Some kids in the past were young when the Holocaust occurred, and now they are elders that tell the children about life from the past when it was rough. In the past, all people did not have equal lives and didn’t have a happy life. Some countries were not a part of world war in Europe. Such as, Spain, Finland, Greece, Andorra, Ireland, Portugal,Sweden, Switzerland. Those countries were neutral, which meant they didn’t have an opinion.Hitler murdered an estimated six million Jews and five million prisoners during the Holocaust . The Jews only had a little bit of food. It didn’t matter your age, if you were young or old, you were sent to death. If you were twins they would separate you into different places.They let the best workers go to the hospital if they were ill to get better. There were not good beds or food. The beds were made out of wood. Sometimes, there wasn’t any room on the beds, so they had to sleep on the floor. You never knew the people that were taking you to camp. They had to ride the death train. A lot of people try to escape the train. There were people watching out on the top if people get out. And if they did manage to get out, they get shot. The jews were behind metal wires with pointy thorn. Hitler didn’t want the Jews around Germany. When war came, Germany, Italy, Japan grouped up together for WW2. Many people lived and some died.