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Im not a kind of person who only live for future Essay Example

Im not a kind of person who only live for future. The past is the thing encourage me a lot, support me to try new things that i have never done before. Although it’s a dull time, i really appreciate it.It was in secondary school that i had suffered from bullying, my classmate disrespected me and made fun of me. They poured old milk to my head several times just because i was the worst student in my class. At that time, i learned literature really bad because i cannot understand what this poem want to show us and so forth, so i always got bad score, criticized from my classmate and my teacher. I’m dissapointed with myself and depressed for a long time. One day, i read a book that teaches me how to overcome deppresion . I realized that i need to do something with my life, i need to change. I made a list of things that i wanted to do, included pass my dream highschool : Ngo Quyen highschool. I learned hard everyday, solved math till i remembered all of them. God wont betray good people,finally i passed Ngo Quyen Highschool with proud. Though i have already graduated but these memories are always the best things i have in my whole life. Thanks to this, from now on i can be stronger and better.  I have great passion in food so open a fastfood company like KFC are always my biggest dream. To achieve this goal, in the next 2 years, i will focus on learning English, get Ielts and SAT certificate. I also want to find a part time job to gain more experiences and join a club in Broward College. After graduated, i plan to transfer to America, continue studying in our partner university then go back to Vietnam when i finish. When study in America i can know more about the recipes and new materials in here that Vietnam doesnt have, i also learn how to run a business.  Despite it’s a biggest challege for me when study abroad, i cannot let my parents’s hope down. I’ll try my best, make my dream come true. In my opinion, Broward Collge will be the best place for me to learn, offer me a good opportunity to expand my knowledge, know how to put those things i learn into practice when other university in Vietnam don’t. I also know that the study evironment in here is very muticultural, flexible and personal which i believe will give me interesting experiences