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The novel is full of different feelings of life like hypocrisy,deception, kindness and desperation.The Dark Room offers a feminist view of contemporary south indian society. The story of a middle class female set against the backdrop of south india,the dark room echoes the frustration of a tormented wife.The main female character savitri retires to the dark room which is there at house whenever the frustration disgust,pain and torme nt becomes somewhat too much to bear.The dark room here acts as a catharsis whilst aiding the main character tp went out of her frustration.

The story entais the tale of a tormented wife.The dark room tells about savitri a submissive wife and her domineering husband.As an outcome of their marriage they have three children Babu,Kamala and Sumati.As the story progressed in certain distance herhusband got engaged with another woman ShanthaBai.Savitri tries to win back her husband but cannot do so because of Ramani’s adamant nature.During the course one day she fights back amd leaves home without thinking anyting .Even her absence never provoked fatheaded Ramani to search fot savitri and extend a grain of sympathy to her.

Savitri is about drown in river sarayu she was saved by a man a blacksmith and a burgler man and his wife ponni rescured her and gave shelter to her .they found a job in a temple for her.Soon she thought about her children .

The whole content of the story deals with the fiercely patriarchal society where the men were dominating over the women were uneducated and they were submissive.

In this story I like savitri character who was a submissive lady and denied to educate by their family .She tried to bringback her husband from another lady’s relationship but she failed in it .Then she fought directly with her husband and left home. So was a pitiable woman .So I liked her character very much.

This story accurately describes the typical reality of that the times orthodox Chennai household written in a simple lucid language a tale so moving and yet so real could have only been authored by R.K.Narayanan.