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A young boy Essay Example

A young boy, who grew up loving the game of football, until one day leaving school he encounters a drunk driver who ends up hitting him and has a serious car accident to which he will lose his leg and could possibly never play football again. He later discovers at the doctors visit that his he’s suffered from major nerve damage in his upper leg and his football career could possibly come to an end. The nerve damage was so bad he wouldn’t be able to run ever again. What he now thought of as a disability will end up turning out to be the best thing that will ever happen to him. At that time in age scientists were working on robotics legs, that with technology could be put into use that could be electronically control by the patient’s brain. Now that he knows that he could possibly play football once again, he request to be the first patient in history to ever have this type of technology. Later his life changing injury is heard by doctors who immediately request to see the boy, who surprisingly accepted to undergo the surgery, even though no one knows if it will be a bust or a success. But the kid never loses hope, keeps the faith, and undergoes what could be a life changing surgery. Like all people who undergo surgery, the boy was nervous about having this surgery. The surgery could potentially make his life better or worse, but he was willing to take the risk if it meant he could possibly play football just one more time. His parents were extremely apprehensive about signing off on the surgery. The boy looked to his parents and said, “Mom, Dad, I need this. I need to be able to play football. I’ll be nothing without it. Please. It’ll all be ok. I’ll be ok.” The parents loved the boy so much that they signed off on the surgery. All they wanted was for the boy to be happy and still be able to follow his dream. They now believed this surgery gave their son the best chance possible. The day of the surgery came. The boy was wheeled off to the back room with his mom and dad on each side of the gurney. They got to the operating room door and the boy hugged his mom and dad one last time before his surgery and said, “I’ll see you soon. I promise everything will be fine. I love you.”The mom cried and replied, “I love you too. See you in a little bit.” Several hours later the boys surgery is a complete success. As the doctors roll him back to the room, the boy wakes from the anesthesia and is shocked to see that he no longer has human legs. They are robotic legs that he must learn to control with his mind. The doctors tell him that he won’t be able to do much activity for at least 5 months and that in order to walk again he must sync his brain to his newly robotic legs. Hearing what the doctors had to say made the boy feel exhilarated and somewhat down, because he knew football would be starting in a few months, but that didn’t stop him because he knew he would come back better than before. As days to months go by the boy starts to make incredible improvements with his leg movement, moving better than he was with human legs. His parents are very surprised by his improvement, they didn’t think he would recover so fast.