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Picture Of Memories Essay Example

Picture Of Memories Picture of Memories Everyone has that certain picture hanging on the wall that brings back memories. The picture on my wall that brings the most memories is of my great grandmother. The picture is of my grandmother Lois who is 92 on Christmas day, in her favorite recliner. In the picturing she shows no sign of her age, the recliner that she loves, and her friendly smile which spreads joy throughout the family. My grandmother is 92 years old and still in really good physical condition.

In this picture her face looks as smooth as silk like there is no wrinkles. Her white hair never looked whiter as she sits resting in her chair. When I look at the picture Stars glistening in the night sky is what first comes to mind when I see my grandma’s blue eyes sparkling. It makes her look nothing like her age. The Picture also shows my grandma’s favorite recliner.

The recliner was bought by all of the family as a gift. It a big soft lazy-boy. When you sit in this chair you just instantly become comfortable and feel like falling asleep. The big plush cushions make it really soft and relaxing. When you sit in it you feel like your sitting in a dove filled bed. My grandma says it helps her back and just gives her somewhere to sit comfortably. She says it’s the best gift she has every received and will cherish it always.

Finally in the picture my grandmother is showing her warming smile. She has always had the sweetest smile, which would make you feel all warm inside. It was one of those things you could depend on; was that when you saw my grandma’s smile you would cheer up no matter how bad of a day you were having. However if you did something wrong her smile would turn to a stern face and you knew she was serious. But my grandmother was mostly smiling and that made the family happy because we know she’s in good spirit’s then.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and it’s the truth. Pictures capture memories that will last you a lifetime. Without pictures people couldn’t look back on moments like I get to when I look at the picture of my grandmother on the wall. Everyone in life should take pictures and save them to look at forever, because you never know when you might get that Kodak moment again. Creative Writing.