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I’ve dreamed all my life about dressing nicely Essay Example

I’ve dreamed all my life about dressing nicely, going to an office, and at the same time helping people. “Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many people, but some do not realize how difficult it is to make that dream come true. Lawyers have many obligations. I have decided that I want to pursue a lawyer’s career.Lawyers “hold positions of great responsibility and are obligated to adhere to a strict code of ethics.” (Job, 2) “A law degree is a great way to improve earning power, and there are several options for specialized courses of study.” (Greyson 1, 1) “More like it, most of your time is spent in front of your computer, doing research, drafting memos and responding to emails.” “Lawyers do most of their work in offices, law libraries, and courtrooms.” “They sometimes meet in clients’ homes or places of business and, when necessary, in hospitals or prisons.” (Lawyers, 225) “Preparation for court includes understanding the latest laws and judicial decisions.” (Lawyers, 225) “As advocated, they represent one of the parties in criminal and civil trials by presenting evidence and arguing in court to support their client.” (Job, 2) “Because there are a range of different types of attorneys, most students apply to an accredited school that specializes in their preferred field.” (Greyson 1, 1) “Lawyers may specialize in a number of areas, such as bankruptcy, probate, international, elder, or environmental law.”Surprisingly, being a lawyer is not usually known as an extremely trouble-free job. lawyers have to learn to be very quick thinking and light on their feet. Lawyers have to stand by their client as long as the case goes on. Lawyers may hate everything that this person has done; nonetheless, the lawyer will do everything in her/his ability to keep that person out of jail. Brought on by quarreling, there will always be a need for lawyers; there will always be conflict as long as there are opinions. Lawyers are almost always fighting an uphill battle; they have new competition for not only their cases but for their jobs to. Sadly, no job is secure because being a lawyer will always be a challenge considering that there will always be someone smarter and younger that will want the job. Along with the dangers of losing the job at any given moment there are some difficulties. Lawyers that went to smaller schools usually end up at the bottom. Only lawyers that come out of the Ivy League, some of the best colleges, make $160,000 (“What” para. 7). The average wage is roughly about $139, 110 a year (“What” para. 5). The hourly wage for being a lawyer is about $61.81, but different lawyers can charge different amounts of money (“Lawyer” para. 30). The top 10% of lawyers in May of 2012 made about $187,200 (“Lawyers” para. 4). Lawyers usually work full time with slow hours (“Lawyers” para. 2). To be a lawyer, you must be able to work unusual hours, overnight, and overtime (“Lawyer” para. 15). To be a successful lawyer and not start with the “grunt’s work,” students must get into the higher level schools Once High School is finished, the student will soon realize that they have only made it halfway through.